Sunday, 30 September 2012

3.5 miles

I ran 3.5 miles today - which is the furthest I've ever run.  Whilst it was a good achievement, I can't help feeling slightly disappointed because my average speed was down from what it has been recently - and the nasty side stitch made an evil return today forcing me to walk briefly twice.  Looking back, I know I started too fast - my Walkmeter beeped at mile one telling me that my speed was 5.14mph.  Almost immediately after this I had to take a walk break because the stitch flared up.

On the one hand I think I'm being too hard on myself - I only started running in June and have come on leaps and bounds since that time.  However, looking back I could have easily slowed my pace during the first mile and thereafter to avoid both walk breaks and stitches.  It is a lesson learnt.  My expression in the photo below shows I'd just checked my stats and wasn't entirely pleased!

This was my first trail run in two weeks - last week I did my long run on the road because I was getting ready for Decorex.  I'm sorry for moaning, I am just a bit disappointed :(.  The bonus of this trail run was that there were no weird animal antics today (no feral cats stalking me!).  My next long run will be 4 miles!

I weighed myself on Saturday morning for the first time since coming back from Decorex and I was nearly exactly the same as I was before I left - 182.5 lbs - up 0.4 lbs.  I've been quite strict with myself these past few days, so now that the Marathon Weight Loss challenge has finished, I'm reverting to Wednesday as my weigh in day.  I'm hoping for a bit of a loss this week.  I have also reduced my calories to 1518 per day, because when I set my daily calorie allowance I weighed more than I do now and I think maybe those extra 100 or so calories may have been contributing to my plateau.


Last night my husband and I went to a ball!  I've never been to a ball before, but my boss bought a table (raising money for a local hospice) and invited us to go.  The theme was 1940's, but I wore my 1930's dress - and then dressed my husband up as best I could without spending a dime!  He looks a bit like Al Capone!

We had a great time, though we didn't do any dancing.  It might sound shocking, but I've never danced with my husband - not once.  Dancing is not Rob's greatest talent.  I've seen him dance once and, well, I'm still traumatised!  Actually I've seen him dance twice - he danced to "Take on me" on the Wii Just Dance at Christmas and I even took a video of it - but it mysteriously disappeared immediately!  Even without dancing, we really enjoyed the evening.  It's not often I we get a chance to dress up and go out for the evening!  Today was Rob's birthday - so I made his favourite roast dinner - Roast Lamb.  I also baked a Victoria Sponge cake for dessert (I think this is my best cake at the moment, and not too bad for the waistline as there's no icing!).


  1. you are being too hard on yourself. You ran over 3.5 miles. Do you realize that there are a great number of people that cannot run a mile...even slowly.

    I have the same issue of looking more at the negative than the positive. We all need to be proud of our accomplishments, which doesn't mean we can't push ourselves as well...but be proud that you are able to run OVER 3.5 miles! That is AWESOME!

    1. Thanks Lynn! I know you're right - a friend of mine reminded me yesterday that I couldn't have run 3.5 miles this time last year (heck, I couldn't have run 3.5 minutes this time last year!). I am very proud of how far I've come - and on disappointing days I suppose I just need to remind myself of that! :-)

  2. When you increase your distance your pace inevitably slows. We're not professional marathon runners, so we don't devote hours a day to train for both speed AND distance. My run yesterday went down to a slow crawl, but I finished it! That's where the accomplishment lies!! You are doing fantastic! It took me about 6 months before I could run an entire 5k!

  3. You are doing so amazingly well. As you said you just started running! Look at how far you have come. On top of that we all have good runs and bad ones, the important thing is you keep running.
    Love your ball pictures.