Tuesday, 28 August 2012

A missing lion

My race pack arrived today.  I feel sick.  I feel SO nervous that I will be outclassed by all the other runners at this event and I've literally been searching my mind all week to come up with an excuse not to go through with it.  I guess I'm scared that I will be last - I shouldn't have checked previous race times - that's really messed with my brain!  But - I've just got to get on with it and stop being such a baby!  Everyone starts somewhere and I know many moons from now when I'm running my first marathon (ha!), I'll sit back and remember how nervous I felt running my first 5k!

My nervousness hasn't been helped by rumours that there is a lion loose in Essex - and supposedly in the very same town where my race is on Friday!  The authorities now actually think it's a hoax - but I must admit having trepidations when I went for my run last night - I even kept one headphone out when I was running past a field just listening out for the pounce and roar!  Evidently, they think it's a big ginger tom cat and people have got confused?!  Seriously people?!!  How the hell can you confuse a CAT with a LION?!
I'm sexy and I know it
My post-holiday weigh in was up 2 pounds from before I left.  I weighed myself the day we went and I was 185.4 pounds - Monday's weigh in was 187.2 pounds.  I did weigh myself again this morning and I was back down to 185.5!  I'm hoping that next Monday there will be a decent loss because we did so much climbing last week, combined with my 5k race on Friday.  Plus my eating is getting back to normal, without the temptations of eating out and desserts, etc.


So, Saturday is the 1st of September and earlier this week I started to worry about daylight running hours.  I'm worrying about everything lately!  But seriously - we are really far north and in the winter months it gets dark here at 4:30pm!  We live in a bit of a rural area and basically, running on my own at night is not a wise idea - not that anything has ever happened around here, but I wouldn't feel comfortable, so as I see it I have three choices -

1. I can run during my lunch hour at work (pros: daylight, cons: sweaty betty all afternoon)
2. I can invest in a treadmill (pros: running available at home regardless of time of day/weather, cons: treadmills cost a lot of money)
3. I can join a gym (pros: treadmills, plus other equipment available, cons: I have to travel to the gym, it costs money and you all know that I loathe the place!)

I'm unsure what to do.  If we're talking about spending money part of me thinks that the money I would be paying to join a gym could actually be going to pay for my own treadmill.  I don't really think that running at work is an option - I get seriously sweaty when I run and there aren't shower facilities available where I work, so it would be a case of spraying deoderant and holding your noses around Mary!  I've never run on a treadmill before, but I don't want to stop running and I feel that when the daylight hours start closing in it would be more likely for me to start making excuses for sitting on my arse!

Advice would greatly be appreciated here!  How many of you own your own treadmills and do you find it's better than the gym?

I hope you all have a great week and wish me luck for Friday!


  1. First of all, have a great time at your first 5k! It only happens once so really enjoy it! It doesn't matter how fast you go because no matter what, it will be your Personal Record!!

    Second, I started running outside. I would go to the high school track. I never felt comfortable just running out on the street (until now). So, when it got cold, I asked my husband for either a treadmill for the home or a gym membership. I'm lucky because I have a gym only 5 minutes from my house. He went with the gym. I'm glad because I use the arc trainer and the elliptical as well. I haven't really been running inside so much because I can be outside now, but that will change (most likely) in the winter. Running on the treadmill has its advantages, like you have to go as fast as you made the machine go, so it really forces you to work on your speed. (I can talk myself out of speedwork on the road!) I also enjoy the television and the people around me as a good distraction. It seems to go faster! Also, my gym was $240 for the year. A good treadmill would have cost me at least $500 and I wouldn't have had the use of the other equipment and I wouldn't have made the friends I've made! (I'm a bit of a social butterfly.) So, you have to make up a Pros/Cons list and see what works for you! Good luck!

    1. Thanks Linda, I'm going to make a pros and cons list definitely. There is a gym about a five minute drive from my house (not walkable, unfortunately - windy country roads, no sidewalks) and that would be the one I would go for if I were to join. The bonus about that option is that they have classes as well as a pool - so I wouldn't be confined to just the treadmill. I think I'm going to have to get over my hatred for the gym and join - who knows, I might actually be pleasantly surprised!

    2. That's awesome! My gym only has equipment, no pool or classes!! I was a little nervous about stepping into a co-ed gym, but there was nothing to be nervous about. All of the muscle heads hang out all the way in the back of the gym where all the free weights are and it definitely didn't have a "pick-up joint" atmosphere. I go there to workout, talk a little to some friends, stretch in the locker room and then go home. I LOVE it!

  2. Your running a 5K which is amazing. Doesn't matter if you come in first or last. You are out there doing it which is so much more than many people can say.

    I have a blinking light that clips on to my shirt. Best $8-12 I ever spent at a local sports store. Makes me feel much safer running at night knowing cars can see it.