Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Lizi's Granola GIVEAWAY!

I am THRILLED to be hosting my first ever GIVEAWAY and even more excited that it is the FABULOUS Lizi's Granola!  I have blogged previously about my love for this granola (you can read about that here) and Lizi has generously agreed to give one lucky reader 3 boxes of her yummy granola (that's 36 individual servings!)!  Thank you, Lizi!  If it is possible - I love your granola even more now!

So - what is so fabulous about Lizi's granola?  Where do I start?!  Not only is it literally the most delicious granola I've ever tasted, but it is low-GL (that's Glycaemic Load), which means that it releases its energy slowly making sure you stay filled up until lunch.  In addition to that, the ingredients are all natural - there's no rubbish (or anything unpronounceable!) in this granola!   And my favourite part?  It's packed neatly in individual serving sachets of 40 grams each - which means that you can confidently open a fresh pack every morning knowing that all that weighing and measuring of portion sizes has been done for you!  I am utterly convinced that a large part of my weight loss success is due to Lizi's granola and this ingenious packaging solution (for greedy little piggies like me!).

Lizi's Granola is available in five utterly delectable flavours: Treacle and Pecan, Pink Apple & Cinnamon, Belgian Chocolate, Original and Organic.  I have tried every single flavour (apart from the Organic) and love each one!  My personal favourite is the Treacle and Pecan.  I have this every morning with a big dollop of natural organic yogurt (or organic strawberry yogurt, whatever I've got in the fridge) and it honestly fills me up until 1pm when I have my lunch.

One lucky reader will receive one box each (that's 12 individual sachets per box) of Treacle & Pecan, Pink Apple & Cinnamon and Belgian Chocolate.  You're basically going to be set up for breakfast for over a month - you lucky duck!  All you have to do for your chance to win is:-

  1. Be a follower of my blog.  If you're not already a follower, it's easy to join, just click on the 'Join this site' button up in the right hand corner.
  2. "Like" Lizi's Granola page on Facebook.  That way you'll be kept up to date with granola news!
  3. Finally, leave a comment below telling me how you enjoy eating granola (with milk, with yogurt, standing on your head, etc!).
I will choose a winner from the comments below using a random number generator on Thursday, 20th September 2012 at 20:00hours (British Standard Time) and the winner will be announced that evening.  The winner will then have 24 hours to email me with their postal address.  Good Luck!

Here's the facts: I am a loyal Lizi's Granola customer, so much so that I contacted Lizi and asked if she would agree to donate some of her wonderful granola for a giveaway on my blog.  Lizi kindly sent me the three boxes of granola to post to one lucky reader.  I have not received any payment or free granola for hosting this giveaway, all opinions expressed are purely my own.  I simply want to share the granola love!


  1. I liek granola with milk! :) I actually like it with yogurt sometimes too. I guess I just really like granola!

  2. I like Lizi's Granola on Facebook!

  3. My favorite way to eat granola is mixed with cereal, nonfat milk, and banana slices!

  4. I love granola any way: with milk, plain, with fruit and yogurt.

  5. I'm already a follower of your blog. ; )
    I liked Lizi's Granola on facebook.
    I enjoy my granola with yogurt! Yum!

  6. I love granola with yogurt, or even plain as a sweet snack. I carry some in my gym bag for after workouts!
    Followed your blog, and liked Lizi's on fb (angela.harris.1217)

  7. I love it for brekkie or straight from the pack with a spoon for a quick healthy snack. Ideal for kids lunchboxes too (the no nut varieties anyway)

  8. I liked Lizi's and I follow you! I love granola with yogurt or milk or right out of the package!

  9. I love granola with yogurt or by itself and would love to try this! I follow your blog and I liked her page!

  10. Already a follower of Lizi's and now following your blog. I love granola even though it feels a bit 'naughty', thats why I especially love Lizi's, I know not only is it healthy but the taste is amazing. I either eat it dry as a snack or with cold semi-skimmed milk for breakfast.(and sometimes a few sneeky handfuls straight from the packet as its just to tempting! Yum.

  11. I love it with homemade yogurt and a sprinkle of honey and walnuts, delicious, yum