Tuesday, 12 June 2012

My old nemesis...

Today was a good day.  It wasn't weigh in day, but having dropped the two pounds I put on when we were in Chester pretty much straight away, I decided to weigh myself a day earlier this week and I got a fantastic surprise!  I lost another 2 pounds!  I think the mountain climbing has finally caught up with me now that my eating is back to normal.  I needed this encouragement because yesterday was an awful, awful day.

I awoke yesterday at 5:30am when my son came into our bedroom and said he had just got up to go to the toilet and stepped into a puddle.  While we were away in Chester a leak had come through his window (we've had a lot of rain here lately) and there was a small amount of water on the floor.  We didn't think it was that bad and planned to have a roofer have a look at it soon.  On Sunday night we had a significant amount of rain and, well, the water must have poured in because his wooden floor was covered.  To make matters worse, our home insurance are being real bastards and saying that it's not covered!  How can a leak not be covered?!  I screamed at so many people on the phone yesterday that I've had to ask my husband to deal with them - a day later and we are still no further forward, but thankfully we seem to have determined the cause of the leak!  The downpipe was completely blocked and so water couldn't flow down it - but simply poured over the top.  This has now thankfully been cleared and so far (touch wood), no more water in the house!

So, when I saw that weight loss on the scales this morning, it truly brightened my day.  I started Level Three of the 30 Day Shred properly on Saturday and have one week left to go.  Level Three isn't as bad as I was expecting.  Maybe it's just because I'm super fit now (not!), but I definitely have not had the shock of progressing up to the next level with this one.  I am not sure what I will do when the 30 Day Shred is finished - probably another DVD or just keep alternating between Levels 2 and 3, but I'm sure I could not have tackled Snowdon without it!

While we were away we stayed in a budget hotel that had the usual vending machines in the hotel lobby.  In addition to the usual suspects, they had a Ben & Jerry's Ice cream vending machine!  I've never seen one of these before, but they basically sell little tubs of popular flavours and the kids were fascinated by it!  I looked upon it with dread!  I did end up having three tubs of the stuff though, but I must say it was purely out of necessity!!  The service in the hotel restaurant was slow at the best of times, particularly when it came to taking orders for and bringing desserts.  The ice cream tubs were £2.60, so cheaper than a dessert off of the menu and yummier too.  So, for three nights in a row the kids and I had Ben and Jerry's.

It was lovely to have the stuff again, but it did bring back unpleasant food memories.  Thankfully the tubs in the vending machine were small portions at 320 calories per pot (still a lot, but OK as a well earned treat!) - no where near the huge amount of the larger tubs I used to consume in one sitting!

So, I must close this now as it's 9pm here and I must do my shredding!

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