Saturday, 2 June 2012

Breakfast and Old Clothes

I have a confession to make... I am completely, utterly, irrevocably in love with... granola.  There - I said it!  And it feels good to finally get it off my chest!  The very word granola conjures up images of delicious golden clusters of oats, seeds and honey - and in a lot of cases, a load of sugary junk pretending to be 'healthy'. I avoid supermarket granola like the plague!  However - I don't make my own granola, but I've found a wonderful little gem that's as good as homemade - Lizi's Granola!

I stumbled across this wonderful stuff purely by accident last year.  I bought Patrick Holford's Low GL diet cookbook when I was first trying to correct my blood sugar imbalance and he mentioned this website called "The Good Carb Company" - so naturally I had a look!  It was through their website that I found Lizi's Granola and immediately took notice because it said "Low GL granola"!  I should really start this section by saying that I used to find it very difficult to find a breakfast food that was both healthy, low in calories and fat AND kept me full until lunch.  Many of you will know the concept behind both the GI and the GL Diets is that we choose foods that fill us up for longer.  So, when I saw low GL granola, I had to give it a shot!  Well, I was not disappointed - Lizi's granola was absolutely scrumptious - so for well over a year now I have been a very loyal customer ;-).

My breakfast routine is pretty much the same each morning - sometimes I change it up and get different flavoured granola, but for the most part I stick with Treacle & Pecan.  Now, I haven't told you the magic part - Lizi packs her granola in individual portion packs of 40-50g (depending on the flavour you choose).  So - all the weighing and calorie counting is done for you!  All you have to do is open a fresh pack each day (and though I'm going through a lot of packaging, we do recycle everything here, so I don't feel guilty!).

I cannot emphasise enough how much this simple little thing has helped me on my weight loss journey.  I was quite surprised, I must admit, when I first poured 40g of granola into a bowl and saw how much 40g actually was!  Basically - it's not that much!  BUT - it does fill me up!  If I had been left to weigh out 40g myself each morning from a bigger box, there is no doubt in my mind that I would have poured at least 60g and still be thinking "that's not enough".  I generally always have plain yogurt with my granola, but sometimes I have an organic fruit yogurt, just to change it up a bit.  All total, my breakfast is less than 250 calories every day and keeps me full until it's time for lunch - it's a win win!

If you're not lucky enough to be able to get Lizi's granola where you live - I would recommend finding a natural granola from your local supermarket.  I always read the ingredients on the box - if I see any E numbers, or pretty much anything that looks dodgy or that I can't pronounce, I generally think it's worth a miss.  Once you've found a good granola - you can package it up yourself using my Twizzler rationing idea (e.g. individual servings in Ziplock bags)!


I live in a family of hoarders - but for once I think this has paid off.  I may have mentioned in earlier blogs that this is not my first time losing weight.  About four years ago I got down to 147 pounds, but didn't stay at this weight long.  My maintaining weight was around 155-165 pounds - I have a large frame and this weight seems to suit me without making me look too boney up top.  Anyway, I kept most of my clothes from when I was this weight - right up to when I started gaining weight when my mother in law became ill.  Now I'm glad I did!  Though I'm still 40 pounds off goal, I've managed to find a whole stack of size 16 (size 12 US) clothes that I'm juuuusssssttt about squeezing into!

It was quite exciting going through the bags this morning - almost like going shopping - for free!  Amongst my finds this morning was my absolute favourite summer dress - I'm not quite slim enough to fit into yet, but I've taken it out of it's cobweb storage bag ready for when I am able to squeeeeze into it!  I actually made this dress four years ago and I love it.  It's a very flattering A line shape, princess seams with a v-neck.  The fabric is a swiss cotton dot in a soft blue, which really suits my pale complexion.  Here's me wearing the dress three years ago in Jacksonville, Florida.

The other day my husband told me that he was really noticing a difference in how I am looking since I've been losing weight.  This is really encouraging, especially since the weight is taking it's dear old time coming off!  It could be due to the 30 Day Shred - because I'm definitely noticing new found strength in my legs and arms.  I've taken my measurements loosely (e.g. not all of my measurements - just hips, waist and bust) and there is certainly a difference since I've been shredding.  I'm waiting until the 30 days is complete before I take full measurements and do a comparison - I'm hoping (and trusting) that there will be a significant difference!

This maybe my last entry until next Friday.  We are off to Chester for five days tomorrow and I won't have my computer with me.  I'm hoping the weather holds out and we will be able to climb Snowdon (an hour and a half away from Chester) at some point next week - but at the moment the only decent day appears to be Monday :-(.  Snowdon is the highest mountain in England and Wales and is definitely a goal for me!  Watch this space ;-)

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