Friday, 6 July 2012

A New Look...

If you've visited my blog before, you'll notice things have changed a bit!  I've been trying to design a logo that goes with the title and something that reminds me of walking in the woods.  It's been quite tricky, but the logo that is up now is very nearly there!  I hope everyone likes the new look, and most importantly finds the blog easy to read and to navigate - any comments or criticisms please message me - I would love to hear from you on how to make things better :-)

So, my week of freedom is nearly at an end.  My kids return from camp tomorrow evening (and my washing machine will doubtlessly be employed non-stop for a considerable length of time after!).  I've missed the kids a lot this year and can't wait to give them both a big cuddle!  Plus it's my son's 12th birthday tomorrow, so we will have a bit of a family party tomorrow night.  Though, if the past two days have been anything to go by, partying is not something I need at the moment!

On Thursday, I invited some of the other parents who've had their kids at school camp around for a sort of "free parents" party!  The evening was a great success, but I did far too much food (as usual), though thankfully I didn't eat copious amounts of it (there are, however, copious amounts of leftovers in my fridge!).  Tonight I was invited to a friend's BBQ and had every intention of leaving early, coming home and doing my third 5k training session.  However, it is now 11pm and I've been home for a grand total of about ten minutes - the running will have to wait until tomorrow.

Again, I was relatively well behaved with food tonight - I had a burger, but no cheese and no bun, plus about 1/2 a cup of Boston baked beans (haven't had these in years, and oh, my, goodness they are yummier than I remember!).  I did have a half a glass of wine and might have had a slice of cherry pie.  I seriously must get back into a routine tomorrow though.  This makes three full days without exercise and I'm definitely feeling guilty, not to mention worried!  If I'm taking this Marathon Weight Loss Challenge seriously, then I really need to take the bull by the horns now.

I can imagine this week has been a bit of a struggle for a lot of my American friends too - what with the 4th of July celebrations.  This BBQ I went to tonight was hosted by an American friend of mine - a very strange occurrence to have a 4th of July party in Britain (I wonder why the Brits don't like it? hee hee!), but it was nice to get together and to have some good American home cookin!  Plus, afterwards we all played Apples to Apples - easily one of my favourite games as it's just SO funny!

Well, I better sign off now and just say that tomorrow is another day.  Hopefully if I can squeeze in three days worth of exercise tomorrow all is not lost? :-)


  1. I like the new look! I made sure to come over and check it out, as I usually read your blog in my reader.