Sunday, 22 July 2012

Stop by Saturday on Sunday!

Happy Sunday Everyone!  I am sipping a cup of coffee with a full belly on a restful, sunny, Sunday afternoon and am thrilled that at long last, summer has come to England! To welcome the season fully, we decided to have a small barbeque at lunchtime today - reasonably healthy grilled chicken, sausages and salad - so I'm feeling quite virtuous for a Sunday (unusual, as this is always my most calorific day!).  I will be going out for a run later, so the trifle I had for dessert should be balanced out by that (I hope!).

Man cook food!

Delicious bbq chicken breasts and pork sausages :-P

One happy kid :-)
So, this is actually my entry for Stop by Saturday, on Sunday!  My fellow blogger, Melinda Ott over at Does this scale make me look fat, has designed this fab blog hop!  She asks a question on her blog and we all answer it on our own blogs.  It's a very clever way of getting to know some other blogs and some other bloggers :-).

This week's question is:

What is your exercise of choice?

Given the title of this blog and my love for walking, my exercise of choice would have to be just that.  If distance were no issue, my everyday exercise, without doubt, would be fell walking (that's climbing up small mountains).  Sadly, I live nowhere near the mountains, so have to settle for the hills of my local country park instead!

On a daily basis my exercise consists of my 5k training which is three or four times per week (I sometimes repeat a session), the occasional 3 mile walk during my lunch break at work, and less frequently (but should be more frequently!) a Jillian Michaels DVD in the evening.  I am not a member of a gym a) because I cannot stand the gym,  and b) because I can't justify the cost.  I love swimming though and would do much more of this if there were a pool closer and more convenient.  I'm a very slow swimmer, so if I do go, I generally go to our local church pool, but it's outdoors so depends largely on the weather.

So that's me - now it's over to you!  First join the linky, then answer the question in your blog post and be sure to include the code below in the body of your post.  Then enjoy reading everyone's posts - simple :-)


  1. I enjoy walking, too! Growing up, I lived in a neighborhood with lots of hills so it was always a good workout. Now, though, we live in a flat neighborhood (it's an old flood plain--although I'm hoping we are far enough from the river to be out of flood danger), so my extra oomph from walking has to come by pushing my 2 kids in the stroller--which CAN be quite a workout!

    1. I genuinely think that walking is about the best exercise you can do because you can make it as easy or as hard as you want to. Pushing a stroller is great resistance, well done!