Wednesday, 18 July 2012

This week in photos...

I've been taking a lot of pictures this week.  The mini-challenge this week for the Marathon Weight Loss was to take a photo of everything you eat.  It's basically a way of logging all of your food (which I do anyway with My Fitness Pal).  However, I thought it would be a very useful thing to put on the blog to show exactly how much food I eat in a day (to lose weight).  A sort of - "This is what 1400 calories looks like" idea.

In addition to all the photos of food I've been taking this week, I have also attempted to load a selection of before and current photos onto a new tab on the blog.  I'll be honest and admit that most of these pics have been "hidden" on iPhoto because I was so repulsed with how I looked that I didn't want anyone else to stumble across them!  However, I can look back at them now and not feel bad because I know I'm a changed person now.  Looking back at old photos is a very tangible way of seeing how far you've come, so I really do recommend taking lots of pics during your weight loss journey.  I almost wish I had taken more photos - like every ten pounds or so - to really see a gradual difference!

My glass pebbles arrived earlier this week, so my "Pounds Lost" and "Pounds to go" jars are now displayed proudly in my dining room.  I haven't included all my pounds lost, but rather kept this visual illustration specifically for the purposes of the Lose a Marathon challenge.  Earlier today I had to move some of the pebbles back into the Pounds Lost jar because one of my kids had sneakily transferred them back into the Pounds to go jar!  No thank you, I don't want those pounds back!

So, here are some photos of what I've been eating this week:

My usual breakfast, 100g low fat natural yogurt, 40g low GL granola.  Including my cup of coffee, my breakfast calories normally come in at about 330 calories.  Now, I know this doesn't seem like a lot of food at breakfast time, and while it's not - because it is low GL granola, it releases the energy slowly throughout the morning, and so keeps me filled up til lunch!

I can't get enough of this salad at the moment - unfortunately for my American followers, it's a bought salad from a shop here in England - basically it has Hot Peppered Salmon, King Prawns, couscous (of course!), green lentils, chickpeas, peas, red pepper and a lemon vinaigrette dressing - all for 320 calories!  I'd thought of trying to figure out how to make it myself, but fish is ridiculously expensive here (we're an island - go figure?!), so I actually think it's cheaper for me to buy the ready prepared version!  This was my lunch on Monday :-)

This Spicy Cod recipe I featured recently - again it's served with couscous and is incredibly yummy, not to mention a very quick meal to make.  452 calories.

Do not adjust your monitor, this sorbet really is this bright!  This is raspberry sorbet and it's a fabulous way of getting in a little indulgence that doesn't hurt too badly!  This serving was 105 calories.

Now I'm normally a 1300-1600 calorie a day kinda girl and it just happened that on this particular Monday, I ended up being a 1200 calorie girl!  Personally, I think 1200 is a bit too low most of the time, but that Cod and couscous is really filling, so I didn't feel like having much afterwards.  I ended up doing a workout DVD and then had the sorbet straight after.

So now a question for all of you!  What does a typical food day look like for you?  Are you adventurous with food or a creature of habit?


  1. You weight loss jars are super cute. I'm trying to lose the half, but was stinking it up until this week. Hoping I am on track now.

    1. Thanks Abby - jam jars are fab for a multitude of things! I just need to keep an eye on my pebbles to make sure my kids aren't being sneaky and moving them around again :-)