Monday, 13 August 2012

So now what will I do?!

So the Olympics have finished.  Done.  Great Britain finished third on the medal table, which considering the population of the two countries who finished first and second, compared with the population of Britain - is pretty amazing.  I may have been born in America, but for the past two weeks I've been very proud to be British.  So now that the games are done - what on earth will I watch on TV?!

I'm actually not that much of a telly addict.  All the exercise and blogging gets in the way!  I'm much more of a blog addict than a TV addict, but I suppose having the Olympics in the background for the last two weeks has become so much the norm that I'm starting to wonder what on earth I did before!

This weekend has been quite busy - not filled with anything particularly exciting, per se, just normal stuff that never gets done.  On Saturday morning, for example, I proceeded to clean the stove with all those special stainless steel and glass cleaners you buy but never use!  It was sparkling.  My mom would have been proud.  Then I decided to organise my jewellry.  It had all been chucked into a bowl and necklaces were tangled, etc.  I have these lovely necklace and earring stands that were literally gathering dust in my bedroom - well, now dusted off and voila - organised bliss!

Clearly, dusting behind the organised necklaces was not part of the plan!
In fact, I did so much cleaning and organising on Saturday, I started to think I might be pregnant and 'nesting'!!!

I did my 5k training on Friday evening and Sunday evening.  Friday was a 28 minute run, and Sunday was a 22 minute run.  Both were quite hard work.  I'm not sure why, but I felt quite sluggish during both runs.  I did have relatively big meals before both runs, but left sufficient time between eating and exercising.  It may have been the heat - this weekend has been a real scorcher for England.  Either way, I just didn't feel my best.  My pace wasn't bad though - it's gradually improving  and that's what counts.

I got a little bit freaked out because I have a 5k race coming up on 31st August - my first 'proper' 5k race!  Anyway, I looked online at the finishing times for previous races and they are ridiculously fast - seriously, the slowest person to finish was like a 70 year old women who finished in 35 minutes!  I'm actually starting to worry that I may have bitten off more than I can chew!  Part of my says "Go on - do it!  It doesn't matter if you finish last, the point is that you finished!".  But another part of me is saying "Are you crazy?!  Do you want to finish behind a 70 year old woman?!".  I'm seriously torn, but I'm not making any decisions right now.

So, speaking of TV.  Melinda over at Does this scale make me look fat has a blog hop and the question this week is:

What is your TV guilty pleasure?

Hmmmm.... having just said earlier that I don't watch that much TV, I guess I should probably clarify that!  I do watch a lot of TV shows on DVD.  This is mainly because I like to watch something just before I go to bed and - confession time - I do like to watch the same episodes and series quite a lot.  A friend of mine recently introduced me to Big Bang Theory and I have to say that I absolutely love it.  In a weird way, it sort of reminds me of high school.  I was always friends with the science geeks, and not being particularly intellectual myself, I always felt a bit like the Penny in the group - the eye candy!  Ha!  Anyway - I love Big Bang Theory.  Sheldon is without doubt my favourite.  For those of you who watch it, I love 'Soft Kitty' and I love the fact that Sheldon calls his grandma 'memaw' (I called my grandma 'mamaw' - so I relate!).

OK, that's my confession - now it's your turn!  Join in the blog hop - it's a great way to get new readers for your blog!


  1. Even of you finish last, you still beat the guy who's still lying on his couch. Don't compare yourself to anyone else. Run your own race. Good luck:-)

    1. Thanks Leigh - I didn't think about it that way :-)

      If nothing else, it will give me a time to beat - so yep, I'm gonna do it!

  2. Soft kitty...warm kitty...little ball of fur...oh man now it's stuck in my head ;) I LOVE The Big Bang Theory! Great minds think alike! You will totally be able to do the 5K! You rocked it on the "Sweat Your Thorns Off" virtual race and you will have some serious adrenaline pumping with all the music, other racers, and just the pure excitement of your first 5K. I just signed up for a 10K tonight and I am really nervous about it. I've not even walked 6.2 miles in one stint, but I set out a running plan and I am going to do as much as I can from now until then (Sept. 15). Plus, even if I come in last, I will still have done it and will be proud of myself! I have faith in you and am rooting for you Mary!

    1. Well done Laura on signing up for your first 10k!!! That's amazing and I'm sure you'll absolutely rock it!

      Big Bang is the best, isn't it?! I need soft kitty at the moment, my nose won't stop running :-(

  3. I love the Big Bang Theory--Like you, I'm catching up with it on DVD (season 4 should come in for me at the library any day now!). It totally reminds me of my engineer husband!

    1. I got started really late with Big Bang - a friend introduced me just a couple of months ago and since then I've watched all FOUR seasons!! Just can't get enough of it!