Wednesday, 15 August 2012

A Walk in the Woods on Facebook!

I'm off work today.  It was supposed to be a day to spend with the kids, but whilst they're running around playing on the Wii, their bikes, etc, I'm sat on the sofa with a tissue shoved up my nose (sorry TMI)!  In typical "sod's law" fashion, we are due to go away to the Lake District on Saturday for a week of fell walking and yes, I'm getting sick!  In addition to that I've had two unscheduled rest days, in all likelihood it will now be three to four and I'm worried that whatever this is won't shift before we leave for our holiday!

So, I don't know if it's the cold medicine talking, but this morning I created a Facebook page for A Walk in the Woods.  You can "LIKE" it by clicking on the link over here ----->

What's even more bizarre is that I've just invited umpteen of my friends to Like the page, which means if those friends visit my blog everybody will know how much I weigh!  Normally I would cringe at this thought, I'm not happy advertising those digits, but then it occurred to me - I've lost 54 pounds!  That's not something to be ashamed of!

I'm coming clean, I guess.  Admitting to all whom I know in social networking that, yes, I was a great big fat thing - but this time I've cracked it!  Not only have I found the key to losing weight (for me), but also discovered some fantastic activities that will help me maintain that loss.  OK - I haven't reached my ultimate goal yet - but I know I can reach it and more importantly, I know I will!  Another thought that occurred to me was that there may be other friends of mine who are interested in getting fit or losing weight and don't know where to start.  Maybe, in some small way, they would be inspired by something I've written.  So - to all of my Facebook friends reading this, thanks for visiting :-)


Last night I had another crazy idea (seriously, what do they put in this cold medicine?!).  I want to try to play a team sport.  This may not sound like a crazy idea - but my experience of team sports was limited to trying out (and failing) for the middle-school volleyball team.  When I was in school, I was not interested in sports at all, in fact I loathed them - I avoided them at all costs.  Why I chose to try out for volleyball, I'm not sure.  I did enjoy it and I was disappointed that I didn't make the team - whether making the team would have changed my view of sports I don't know.

My husband on the other hand is an all rounder!  He has played, at any given time in his life, in football teams (that's soccer to all you Americans!), cricket teams, badminton, squash, etc.  He's one of those annoying people who seems to be good at whatever sport he tries (hopefully he's reading this!).  I, in stark contrast, don't seem to be much use at any sport - but I figured this is because I've never really tried!  So, last night I asked him to teach me a bit of Badminton.

Badminton is fascinating to me - I watched the players on the Olympics and were just staggered at the speed of play.  I'm not for a second thinking that I would ever be able to get to that sort of speed or standard, but aside from flicking a shuttlecock around the garden, I'd like to learn how to play properly. The husband has agreed to book us a badminton court and he's going to teach me (he will need some serious patience!) and then I'm going to look at joining our little village badminton club.  Watch this space for news and embarrassing pictures...


  1. Maybe I should start taking cold medicine just for the ideas! : )

    I hope you feel better by the time you go on your holiday! Lots of vitamin C I hear is good!

    I never played any sports either, though I did take roller skating and then dance lessons as a child. Even with losing weight and getting healthier I still don't think I'd like to play a "team" sport. The one time I did, powder puff (American) football game in high school, I sprained my ankle! I think I'll stick to running...the solo sport. : ) Good for you though for trying something new!

    1. Yes, I can highly recommend Nyquil (or Nightnurse as its known over here) for a flurry of ideas - hee hee!

      Hopefully I can be a decent badminton player - I play with my son sometimes in the back garden. He's a good little player and I do give him a run for his money sometimes - but quite what I'll be like against proper players I don't know! I'll definitely get someone to take pictures though - it will be a good laugh!

    2. I do remember seeing something about doing a guest post...I cannot find that message now! I'm so sorry that I didn't get back to you before and I can't figure out how to e-mail you! lol So please e-mail me again about it so we can talk about the details? Thanks! : )

  2. Is there a button to love your FB page instead of like it. Stalking you from both my personal (Abby page) and blog page.

    I never played sports in school, but started rugby almost 4 years ago. I love the team feeling.

    1. Ha Abby I think we're stalking each other!!!

      Glad to hear that you started 'late' with team sports too - maybe there's hope for me!

  3. Add me to that list of not wanting people to know how much I weighed (or currently weigh since I've regained). But I love that you did it. Not only will it help keep you accountable, but you will be surprised at how many will be interested in the how you did it because THEY want to do it too! You'll be helping so many!!! Proud of you!

    Oooh, and yeah, sports, not me. Talk about disappointment though by trying out several times for cheerleading only to get shut down every time. Sigh. And how I remember that 1 mile run we had to do in gym in high school...I HATED it! Dunno how I ever managed. But now look at me, running and training for 1/2! I love that you are interested in team sports! Good Luck with that adventure!

    Ah, and get better before your trip girl!!!