Thursday, 31 May 2012

Day 17 of 30 Day Shred

I'm having a fat day today.  Maybe it has something to do with this white t-shirt I bought from a charity shop the other day.  I refuse the pay full price for "transition" clothes, as I've already gone down three dress sizes, so charity shops are the only way for me.  Trouble is, I don't like to try clothes on in the shops because they always have dingey little changing rooms - and in most cases the curtains are torn or don't pull the full way across (and there's always some weird dude loitering in the vicinity!).  So, because we're mostly talking about £3 or £4 for a top - I just take a risk.  After all, that money I've just spent is going to a charity.

A very long winded way of saying I bought a white t-shirt on Tuesday and frankly, it doesn't suit me.  I am a pear shape with a C/D cup and so a V neck or a scoop neck suits me much better than anything with a high neck.  I should have known - this white t-shirt is bias cut with a boat neck, not the best idea!  So, I've spent the majority of the day feeling bloated and fat.  Yuck.

I did get on with my shredding tonight, and despite it being Day 17, I'm still finding Level 2 quite difficult.  I'm definitely progressing, but not as quickly as I did for Level 1.  Lord knows what Level 3 has in store and I won't find out until I'm in Chester next week!  My son Josh has been keeping track of my days on the Shred for me!  He's so sweet and really encourages me to keep going!  He had joined me (along with my daughter) for Level 1, but Level 2 is a bit trickier and I don't want my kids injuring themselves, so it's a mum only workout from now on!


I've been really inspired by Katie at Runs for Cookies marathon race.  And spurned on, I suppose, by my brief jogging interlude at the Race for Life last week, I decided to enter another 5K race at the end of August.  But this time it will be different - I plan to run the entire race!  So, today I found a good Couch to 5k training programme (though I'm hardly a couch potato anymore, but I'm definitely a beginner).  I'm easing myself into it with a 10 week programme, so by the time the race comes along, I should hopefully be relatively confident and able to run the distance.  The good thing about this particular race is that they also offer a children's 1 mile race, which takes place before the main race - and both of my kids have said they would like to enter!

I must say that since I've been exercising again, I am really feeling much better in myself.  Not only do I feel more confident (aside from the white t-shirt blip today), but it's a nice feeling to be able to go for a good long walk in the country park and not be huffing and puffing the whole way through!  Even though I love walking, I'm really looking forward to the challenge of running - who knows, if it sticks, I may have to change the name of the blog to A Run in the Woods!

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