Monday, 21 May 2012

Day 7 of 30 Day Shred

One week done!  I now understand why you switch routines after 10 days - after 7 days I'm pretty well versed on the routine for my current level and in terms of fitness, I am definitely making strides forward.  Tomorrow will be my first attempt at doing the workout in the morning, I just hope I can get the energy to cope with it at 6 o'clock in the morning!

In terms of food and calorie counting, I've been successfully "zig-zagging" since Friday.  Today I was back down to 1300, having had a 1600 calorie day yesterday.  I have yet to weigh myself after last week's gain and since starting zig-zagging, so it remains to be seen if this is making a difference.

I am trying to resist temptation to step on the scales until Wednesday at the earliest.  I am the first to admit that I am an obsessive weigher.  Most weeks I weigh myself three or four times, sometimes more!  This is not healthy behaviour because of course each time I hop on the scales I am expecting a loss - and of course this isn't always the case!

Due to my gain last week, I am now trying to convince myself that the longer I leave weighing myself, the more surprised I will be.  The flip-side of that, however, is that if my calorie zig-zagging is having a negative affect and causing me to gain weight - it will be that much later before I discover it!  Oh the dilemma!  So, we shall see if I weigh tomorrow or Wednesday - but I think it will definitely happen at some point this week just so I can check I am on the right track.

Tomorrow evening will be spent at the Chelsea Flower Show.  I am really looking forward to this and have wanted to go to the show for some time now.  I am hoping that there will be some healthy food choices available, so I can manage to stay within my calorie limit - but I'm going to a party as well, where I know there will be wine, so I may be unable to resist!  Photos of the show will follow, I'm hoping for lots of inspiration!

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