Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Days 8 & 9 of 30 Day Shred

The Chelsea Flower show was an amazing experience - but today I am so tired, I'm literally fighting to keep my eyes open to type this.  I was a very good girl yesterday and woke up at 6am to do the 30 Day Shred.  It was a bit weird doing exercise first thing in the morning, but at least I could get on with the rest of my day safe in the knowledge that my shredding was done!

The most expensive glass of Pimm's in the UK - £9.90 per glass!
Today it was back to the normal evening workout routine - very difficult tonight because my eyelids are being held open by matchsticks, but it's done and I will doubtlessly sleep like a baby.  Tomorrow will of course be my last day of Level 1 and I'm starting to panic at the thought of Level 2.  Having now definitely felt improvements to my endurance, I'm comfortable with the level of the workout.  I know, however, that the feeling is very short-lived!

So, I jumped on the scales this morning and that horrible pound that crept back on last week is now gone!  Thankfully the calorie zig-zagging appears to be working, though progress is still slower than I would have hoped.  Today, I logged my 'hopeful' weekly weights on my calendar - the weight I hope to be next Wednesday, the Wednesday after that and so on - a steady two pound loss per week.  Sometimes I find it helpful to visualise when I will reach these goals - and to see when I will ultimately reach my goal weight.  According to my lovely calendar I will reach my goal weight in around October time - assuming I can shift 2 pounds per week to get there!

Yesterday I walked quite a bit, but food was a problem.  I still don't think I exceeded my daily calorie allowance (I think it was 1300 yesterday), but the quality of the food was poor.  At the flower show I had half a tuna and avocado sandwich at about 170 calories, plus two alcoholic drinks.  On the train on the way home, I was hungry so we stopped at a pasty shop at the station and I just had spicy potato wedges.  The show itself was beautiful - so many amazing ideas for the garden and so many beautiful flowers!  It really is a must visit place!  The most fascinating aspect for me was the fact that all of the gardens appeared as if they had been there for years, but in fact they've all been 'created' in the past three weeks!  We saw a beautiful 'reclamation' themed garden that had a 'well' made from stone - the designers had sourced stones with moss growing on them - again so it looked as if it had always been there!

One of the feature gardens at the Chelsea Flower Show
I shall leave you with the inspiring photo above!  Thankfully summer appears to have arrived in Britain!  Long may it continue!

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